What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

NMT is a "problem solving" technique that uses advanced concepts in pressure
therapy to break the stress-tension-pain-cycle. It aims to relax muscles so that
circulation can increase and the body will return to normal neuromuscular
balance. This technique is used to restore structural, functional and postural
integrity of the body by removing restrictions. Therefore, reducing pain and
improving posture and biomechanics of the body. Neuromuscular Therapy will
provide joint pain relief, increase body flexibility, increase muscle strength,
increase circulation and increase range of motion.

NMT provides pain relief of:
*Upper and Mid-Back Paim
*Tennis Elbow/Sports Injuries
*Pinched Nerves
*Leg and Foot Pain
*Rotator Cuff Injury
*Shoulder Pain
*Neck Pain/Stiffness
*TMJ Dysfunction
*Whiplash Injuries
*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What will treatment include?
We will design a program to cater to your specific needs. This comprehensive
program of soft tissue manipulation techniques will balance the central nervous
system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) with the structure and form of the
musculo-skeletal system (skeleton and muscles of the body).

Certifications and Affiliations:
*American Massage Therapy Association
*Certified Strength Trainer
*Oncology Massage
*American Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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Neuromuscular Therapy Explained