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Sharon Steuart LMT, NMT, Certified Strength Trainer

Sharon has worked in Houston for over 28 years in the professional healthcare industry. She has worked in hospitals, doctors offices and pain clinics treating individuals with neuromuscular problems and strength issues. Sharon works with professional athletes, the weekend warrior, elderly patients and your everyday individual. Among professional athletes, Sharon was part of Team Evander Holyfield for 19 years. She has also worked with other boxers such as Michael Grant, Vernon Forrest, Michael Moore, David Tua and Sergei Liakhovich. She has helped many professional baseball players including, Jeff Bagwell, Billy Spiers and Pat Combs, just to name a few. Sharon enjoys helping her patients become healthier and happier through NMT.

Juli Magnuson LMT, NMT, Certified Strength Trainer

Juli received her license from Avalon School of Massage (Houston) in 2006. She then went on to specialize in Neuromuscular Therapy under the direction of Sharon (her mother). Some people would venture to say that Juli was meant to fall in Sharon's footsteps, even as a child she grew up in Sports Medicine. She is continuing her education at The University of Houston in Kinesiology. Her passion became Neuromuscular Therapy after she was in a car accident that left her with severe pain in her neck and right shoulder. She is proud to work with The Alley Theatre, professional athletes, fibromyalgia patients, geriatric patients and your everyday person looking for muscular relief. Her specialties include jaw/neck/shoulder pain, migraine/vertigo issues, low back/psiatica pain and foot pain. Juli says the most rewarding part of her job is that she knows everyday she will help improve her patient's quality of life.

Deborah Berry LMT, NMT

Deborah studied massage in California at the National Holistic Institute, Emeryville Campus, graduating and certifying as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator in September 2014. Listed as the top massage school in the country, Deborah is versed in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and pathologies, and an array of massage modalities, from Deep Tissue and Myofascial Therapy to Swedish and Thai Massage. Prior to going to school for massage, she studied physical education, taking classes for strength training, physical fitness testing, sports medicine, special populations, and other related courses. Deborah’s massage background is primarily in Chiropractic care, working mostly with athletes and post-injury patients. Her specialties are migraine/tension headaches and trigger point pain. Her favorite part of her job is the result- feeling the changes in muscle tissue and hearing clients say how much better they feel after being worked on.